SHS School Counseling Newsletter

October 2015

School Counseling Focus of the Month

October is Anti-bullying Month. Bullying has become a very big issue among schools across the nation and many schools are trying to create a positive and safe learning environment. At SHS, we want students to feel safe at school. Each Friday of the month students will have an Anti-bullying activity. The school will also participate in Rachel's Challenge on Oct. 27th. The community can participate that night from 6-7 p.m. in the auditorium. The counselors will be posting how students plan on taking a stand against bullying. Look for the pictures with the #stand-up on the school counseling Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Character Education

Courage is the character education trait for the month of October. defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Students will have an opportunity in advisory to write an essay, which could result in scholarship funds, about courage. Students who display the trait of courage will be nominated by staff members and celebrated!

Senior Spotlight

Seniors have been given some tasks during advisory to help them prepare to transition on to the next phase in their lives. Seniors have been shown how to use the College Board's Big Futures Activity to compare different colleges based on their majors, size, student activities, location, etc. Seniors need to have their CFNC.ORG accounts set up for applying to colleges and sending their transcripts to colleges.

Our Senior Seminar, on October 6th, will be focused on helping students prepare for College Application Week. This will be the first week in November, but seniors have some preparation to successfully apply to the colleges that are waiving their fees (all community colleges, most private four-year colleges and a few public universities in the UNC system).

The senior seminar will be held during both lunches on that Tuesday in the media center. Parents are invited to come and share a lunch break with their senior student(s) while learning about the preparation for College Application Week. Please sign in the office before coming to the media center for the seminar. We look forward to seeing you!

Parent Information

For grade level information for your students, please sign up for Remind text messages. Information about dates, deadlines, volunteer or job opportunities and events are sent out to those who are signed up. To sign up, either follow the directions on the school webpage under school counselors department overview and scroll down on the right side for the directions and class codes. If you have any trouble, email a counselor for the codes.