First-Time Cruisers with M2K Events

Join our team of First-Time Cruisers!

Join the best first-time cruisers' class in your city with the best travel consultants in your city!

Let us put your cruising fears at ease! This class will cover all the important "do's and don'ts" for your cruise from the beginning to the end. You will not be disappointed. You will leave this class feeling like a cruising pro. And the best part about the class is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Every 1st Sunday at 5:00 PM at Visionary Salon by Barbara

This is the perfect way to end out your Sunday evening. Enjoy some refreshments and a ton of first-time cruisers information. What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday evening! You will be "READY" for your first cruise the minute you leave the class. Happy Cruising!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer your "Frequently Asked Questions" such as:

1. Is Cruising expensive?

2. Do I need a passport for the cruise?

3. Do I need a government-issued ID?

3. Are cruises All-Inclusive?

4. Is cruising like going to Vegas or a resort?

5. Will is get sick or seasick?

6. Is cruising safe?

7. What should I pack?

8. Will I get bored?

9. Isn't cruising just for the "newly wed and nearly dead?"

10. Can I stay in touch?

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We are YOUR travel professionals!

You will learn all you need to know as a first-time cruiser. You will know what documents you need to secure for you and your family, how to board the ship, even what to pack for your cruise.