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October Newsletter 2017

Prayer Pillow By Jacob

Mrs. Braquet and her kindergarten through 4th grade religion classes have been working on a prayer pillow. It took the classes about a week to make their prayer pillows. It was a multi-step process that required fabric paint, fabric markers, fabric spray paint, stencils, and a pillow case. The kids can sleep with their prayer pillow. It can be used to remind them to pray when they wake up and before they go to sleep. Mrs. Braquet said she thinks the kids loved working on the prayer pillow, and some of them have said they are using their prayer pillow on their bed.

Ancient Origins of Halloween

Halloween goes back 2000 years ago to the Celtic Festival of Samhain ( pronounce Sow-in). The Celts who lived in what are now Ireland, the U.K and Northern France Celebrated their New Year on November 1. This day market the end of summer and their harvest and meant the beginning of a dark, cold winter, which was a time of year that was often associated with death. The Celts believed than on the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when believed that the dead rose from their graves and walked among the living once again.

When celebrating was over with, the people re-lit their heart fires, which they had extinguished earlier that evening, from sacred bonfire to help protect them during the coming winter. Sometimes the men and women would dress as the spirit or dead or pretend to be then as to protect them from curses or dangers.

By Ethan

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Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Maggie

For the month of October, we raise awareness for women's cancer. More than 249,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, and nearly 41,000 people die from the disease in only one year. So very many people are affected by this disease. A simple way to show your awareness and respect is to wear pink! So rock your pink all through the month of October!
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20 Tips to take better photos By Reagan Pitre

1. Get in close

2. Shoot everyday

3. See the light

4. Ask permission

5. Use the flash during the day

6. ISO

7. f/4

8. You've got to be joking

9. Buy books, not gear

10. Read your camera's manual

11. Slow down

12. Stop chimping around and check the photo on the back screen

13. Framing

14. Shape with light

15. Waterworks

16. Be present

17. Shutter speed

18. Charge your battieres

19. Focal lenth

20. Be part of a photographic commmunity

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Interview with Aidan McAllister by Lily Riedel

Aidan McAllister is 13 years old and is in the 7th grade. He has been attending St. Mary for 10 years. He likes and enjoys attending St. Mary. He has 2 siblings one of which is in the 5th grade here at St. Mary. Aidan really enjoys math and his favorite color is red. He is planning on going to Bridge City for high school.

Interview with Jacob Gonzalez by Lily Riedel

Jacob Gonzales is 13 years old and has been attending St. Mary for seven years. He started attending St. Mary in kindergarten. Jacob likes the color blue and has two older sisters who are St. Mary alumni. Jacob likes spending time with his friends and going to all of his classes. Jacob plans on attending LCM (Little Cypress Maurice-vill) for high-school.
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The Rosary Activity By Aidan

St. Mary School has done the illustrated the Living Rosary for seven years. First through eighth all participate in the rosary. All the students recite a part of the Rosary. Father Daleo leads with the beginning Prayers. Dr. Jackson gives the introduction.

Many parents and community members always attend.

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By Jessica


October 3rd - Rosary for Opelousas High School

October 11th - Living Rosary

October 19th - Pep rally

October 23rd-31st Red Ribbon Week

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By Jessica


1st - Brylee Castino

2nd - Noah McFarlane

4th - Kiera Howington

5th - Drake Thompson

10th - Ethan Davidson

13th - Madison Riedel

13th - Noah Broxson

14th - Cody LeJuhn Jr.

16th - Brooklyn Stokey

22nd - Maggie Granger

26th - Nylah Thomas

28th - Madelyn Smith

29th - Zoe Wolfford

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Memes by Kaleb

Photos for October By Derian

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