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A Guide to Professional Development and ProGOE Usage

Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 10

This quarterly newsletter will be sent to School Site Inservice Representatives and ESF Course Creators to provide support for using ProGOE, storage and handling of professional development records, and other issues that can impede the accuracy of our transcript system. The newsletter will contain tips for SIRs and ESF Staff, as well as video tutorials and other helpful information.


Our Literacy Coaches and Elementary Teachers have worked tirelessly to complete their reading endorsement program. We started the program in September 2020 and completed all 5 reading competencies as of January 2022. We have almost 500 teachers who have participated in this program. All of them are currently applying to have the reading endorsement added to their teaching certificate. We would like to thank all of our Literacy Coaches for leading this important work, even through a significantly challenging time in our schools. Our teachers were so dedicated, a through this program reinforced their skills and knowledge in literacy. Thank you to all of the professionals who took part in our school based reading competency pathway.

Feature below: Sunrise Elementary-Literacy Coach Carmen Elliott with her School Based Reading Competency Pathway Completers.

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Happy New Year

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Now our first semester has concluded, it is of vital importance to check your PD records for to make sure all 1st semester PD credits have been entered at our school sites and here at ESF. During this time of year we have many teachers trying to renew their teaching certificates, and it is critical for all 1st semester PD credits to be entered prior to their renewal.

In addition, elementary schools should may sure the BONUS PRE-PLANNING PD CREDITS were entered from the beginning of the year. If you are unsure or would like to double check, use Course # 17486 to check Conscious Discipline (July 28th and 29th) and Course# 17489 ELA BEST Standards (July 27th and 30th). You must be assigned to the course as the instructor, so if you are new to your school and managing ProGOE, and are unable to see the courses, please reach out to Lynnette Thorstensen for assistance.


We are quickly approaching our February Professional Development Day. 53 schools completed their ProGOE survey to have courses built for the February 21st PD. Course sections will be published in the February 7th LTP. If you missed the January 20th deadline to submit your course, and would still like to have your course built in ProGOE, please contact Ron Jones at ext. 11209.

Remember, schools working on district supported PD for Conscious Discipline or SEL may already have an open section built for them. There will also be some specialty groups meeting on this date for PD. Those PD course sections were created by the Resource Teachers leading those groups.

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At the conclusion of an inservice, it is the job of the ProGOE Site Inservice Representative to go into ProGOE and award attendance and credits for all participants. Every person on the roster MUST HAVE something in the REGISTRATION STATUS column and something in the GRADE column. Every person on the roster should have something in both columns. If they attended the workshop and stayed the entire length of time, then it should always be marked COMPLETE. If they did not show up you can mark them as NO SHOW or REQUESTED WITHDRAWAL depending on the circumstances. In the GRADE column, they either completed an implementation and earned a grade or they did not. There should be no grey area. Please make sure participants are not left hanging in courses, it can interfere with future course enrollments.

In addition, if someone received NO CREDIT in the grade column, please ALWAYS make sure to go to the CREDIT button and change their credits to ZERO. This important step can not be left out.

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ProGOE Training

ProGOE Training for School Based Personnel

Our training for school site in service representatives, assistant principals, and school principals has currently ended. If you have someone new who will be managing the ProGOE system, and they need to be trained, please contact Lynnette Thorstensen and she will get them set up to train.

ProGOE Training for ESF Staff

Tuesday, March 8th, 1-3pm

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This is an initial training for Resource Teachers, Directors, Administrative Assistants, and other professionals working at ESF. Those who have already been trained may also sign up for the course as a refresher. THIS IS THE FINAL TRAINING OF THE YEAR.

ProGOE Course#10509

How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript