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Return to Learning Message from the Superintendent

Greetings JSD Educators & Staff,

A new school year is upon us. There are many new structures that are in place to support students and teachers. Rebuilding our instructional program and enhancing our resources are at the forefront. With this as the driving force of the work ahead, the Jennings School Board supported:

  • the adoption of a new math and reading program,
  • the expansion of the district's early childhood program,
  • the addition of four instructional coaches,
  • the expansion of the Early College Program, and
  • an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction & Professional Development.

These are just a few practices that will aid in creating a laser focus on creating an instructional framework that will create consistency in teaching and learning across the district.

Your school leaders participated in a 3-day retreat earlier this month learning and growing together as leaders! Other school leaders engaged in professional learning during the summer and many others have worked tirelessly to write a new curriculum for PreK-12. With that, we are prepared to forge ahead supporting the vision of providing a 21st-century education that will make our scholars' success ready! I am more confident than ever that we will achieve Blue Ribbon status as a district and maintain our accreditation through the roll-out of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP-6).

The road map to the work begins Monday, August 15th with our back-to-school learning professional development. To assist you in the preparation an extensive district-wide training schedule has been designed for educators and staff. Looking forward to seeing everyone engaged in learning and focused on providing every student, every child, every day rigorous learning experiences for the 2022-2023 school year!


One of the most important factors in student achievement is an effective teacher in the classroom. It is imperative our teachers have resources designed to effectively support classroom instruction and provide structures for student success in the classroom, the community, and beyond. Every student graduating from JSD must be prepared to fulfill the district’s vision of excellence in education.

The JSD Instructional Coherence Model is the result of focused work by district and school

administration, instructional support staff, and classroom teachers. It provides a

blueprint for the academic structures necessary to support these outcomes. Shaped

with feedback from parents and community members, the framework develops a

culture of success providing a focus on alignment in planning, supporting rigorous

instruction, and encouraging reflective and responsive assessment. We believe the JSD

Instructional Coherence Model will serve as a guide for ensuring continued student achievement.

Dr. Charmyn Andrews

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

Empowering educators to transform student learning

Instructional Framework

The Jennings School District Instructional Framework is a blueprint for consistently planning and using research-based teaching practices to ensure student achievement. It clearly defines what all teachers are to know and be able to do within their respective areas of teaching, ensuring equity in learning opportunities among our schools. The document also provides a tool for building common language and shared meanings across the district related to the teaching and learning process. It is designed to guide new teachers toward excellence in teaching and to support accomplished teachers in continuing to grow within the profession. In essence, it is the infrastructure critical to supporting Excellence in Education for all students in Jennings School District

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JSD Instructional Practices

1. Data Room Identified in each building

2. Data Teams

3. PLCs

4. Data Walls/Charts

5. District Curriculum Fidelity Checks

6. Instructional coaches will build relationships with teachers, and implement the impact cycle with selected teachers

7. Teachers & students using content vocabulary

8. Anchor Charts created by students, visible in all classrooms & used as an instructional tool.

9. Student work posted in all classrooms.

10. Implement multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) with fidelity

11. All teachers will use Marzano’s High Yield Strategies

12. Teach Like a Champion

Instructional High Yield Strategies

The JSD teachers and administrators will focus on five of the high-yield instructional strategies for the 2022-2023 school year. The percentage represents the effect size of the strategy. John Hattie concluded that the average effect size is .04 (Cohen, 2009)

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Comprehensive Instructional Rounds


A practice of collaboration among experts to examine a problem and work together for a solution. In education, teachers and administrators work together to identify and solve common problems related to teaching and learning.

Why do Instructional Rounds?

  • To take improvement to the next level
  • To build a common understanding of effective learning and teaching
  • To reduce variability
  • To focus the work
  • To put educators in charge of their own learning
  • To provide data and inform professional development
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New Teacher Orientation

Continued collaboration

We started our year with our new teacher orientation at Gary Gore for all teachers who were new to the district. The instructional coaches as well as the director of curriculum and instruction facilitated professional development sessions on classroom culture, providing student feedback, lesson planning, and assessment. Teachers were also allotted time to learn about our new curriculum and begin planning their first units.

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Teachers Return to Learning

This year's professional development for the district was all about our newly adopted McGraw-Hill reading and math programs, Scholastic PreK On My Way, and our returning MySci curriculum! Teachers were excited about learning all of the capabilities of Wonders for elementary English Language Arts classes, Reveal Math for our kindergarten through algebra classes, as well as StudySync for our sixth through eighth and tenth-grade classes. Each program had its own sessions led by McGraw-Hill curriculum experts and teachers were allotted time to collaborate in planning for the new school year.

At the secondary level, additional professional development opportunities were given for implementing stations, PLCs, and data teams in addition to sessions explaining how the ACT correlates to core content areas, how to implement stations at the secondary level, and the MSIP6 process. Mrs. Hood, the English Language Arts department chair at Jennings Senior High, facilitated a session on implementing reading strategies across all content areas.

Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Stewart: 2nd Grade, Woodland Elementary

Years in Teaching: 12 years as a classroom teacher, 1st year in Jennings School District

Favorite Subject: English Language Arts

Ms. Stewart used our new McGraw-Hill Wonders curriculum to conduct a phonemic lecture. Flexible seating was available for students to use as they finished their own practice. The photos below highlight how she facilitates the curriculum in her own way.

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Wonders Reading Program Grades K-5

This fall, you are invited to join our Wonders 2023 trainings, so you may explore the Wonders 2023 curriculum deeper. Teachers will gain additional knowledge about the structure and management of the Wonders 2023 program and outline the most effective teaching strategies for the program. Register now! All sessions will be recorded and emailed to participants upon completion of the session.
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English Language Arts Curriculum Grades 6-12

StudySync’s English Language Arts curriculum provides instructional content and resources for digital and print environments to meet standards and engage students. McGraw Hill is offering StudySync Support! The StudySync trainer will send out weekly emails each Wednesday morning with information about a specific component or feature of StudySync. may complete THIS Google Form,
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Instructional Coaches Host their 1st Monthly Curriculum C.A.F.E.

The goal of the C.A.F.E., which spelled out stands for “Circles of Adults Focusing on Education,” was to engage educators, superintendents, principals, families, and community members in an innovative, multifaceted effort to increase engagement around critical academic performance. The coaches prepared two fiesta-themed rooms for their first cafe focusing on the McGraw-Hill curriculum for English Language Arts at the elementary and secondary levels. Each session highlighted specific collaborative learning strategies teachers could use while implementing the new curriculum that could also be used across all content areas. Many teachers were in attendance as well as district-level professionals and board members. Participants enjoyed a Mexican-style meal and two lucky winners walked away with Starbucks or Chic-Fil-A gift cards. Be sure to attend the next C.A.F.E. to learn about the new curriculum, practice using district-focused high-yield strategies, and collaborate with colleagues! We hope to see you there!

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Melissa Collins- Secondary Instructional Coach

6 years teaching

Jennings Alumna

Favorite Subject: ELA

Hobbies: Walking at Botanical Gardens with my toddler

Location: Rosemary Johnson Jennings Junior High & Jennings Senior High

Trimiel Cole- Elementary Instructional Coach

10 years teaching

6 years in Jennings

Favorite Subject: Math

Hobby: Watching my boys play football

Location: Woodland Elementary & Hanrahan Elementary

Angela Keys- Elementary Instructional Coach

22 years teaching

20 years in Jennings

Favorite Subject: ELA

Hobbies: I love to shop, read, watch HGTV, and travel around the world with family!

Location: Fairview Elementary & Northview Elementary

Tirsha Lenior- Secondary Instructional Coach

13 years teaching science

First-year in Jennings

Hobbies: read & spend time with family

Favorite Quote: "Know what sparks the light in you then use that light to illuminate the world."- Oprah Winfrey

Location: Jennings Senior High & Rosemary Johnson Jennings Junior High School

2021-2022 School Calendar

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