I disagree On Communism

Brief Desciption of this government

In a communism country no one is better then another. In a communism country then is one ruler the DICTATOR.

Examples of countries that currently have Communism as there government

  • China
  • Cuba
  • Laos
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam

Who is the head of the goverment / What powers do they have

A dictator is the head of the government. But there really is no government because a dictator rules the country. A dictator has all the power in the country and can make any rules or laws they want.

How are laws made in this type of government? Who is in the legislature?

The Dictator makes all the rules/laws in a communism country. It depends on the the communism country if rather they will have a legislature or not. For example North Korea is full on dictatorship. You cant have full dictatorship to have a legislature.

What rights do citizens have? / Can they vote?

Citizens all have the same rights because in a communism country no one is better then another. For example every body has the same amount of land they same amount of kids. Citizens can not vote in a communist country because there is only on dictator.

Why I disagree on Communism

I disagree on communism because in a commuinst country there is a dictator. A dictator is a ruler who is a bad person that makes the citizens of his/her country do what ever he/she wants him to do. And sometimes if they don't do it he/she will kill or torture them. I think that should never happen because you shouldn't kill people just because they did not do what you asked. It's like killing someone for no reason. And thats not right.