Ancient India

Tamera Hicks

where is Ancient India located?

Ancient India is located in Southern Asia and it has some of the biggest mountains (Himalayas mt. and Mount Everest) and is has the the two biggest rivers ( Ganges River and the Indus River.) Also they have there very own Ocean it is called the India Ocean.

Why did they settle there?

They settle there because the stuff that is there could help them like the heat could help them stay in the battle and the water source because if they needed cooling off from the heat they use the rivers (Ganges River) but the only thing that wasn't hot was the mountains (Himalayas mountain and the mt. Everest).And they used elephants for war and of the wild life.

What geographical features are present?

The geographical features that are present is the Rivers, Mountains, Sea's, Oceans, and the good soil.

How did humans impact the land?

They impacted the land by building houses and putting soil down and compact dirt in the ground so they it can destory the soil making mines so they can destory the the mountains and the grounds.

What natural resources are present?

  • gold
  • diamond
  • wood
  • rocks
  • iron
  • grains
  • coal
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