November News

Fouke Elementary

Meet the Principal!

Welcome to Fall!

I am so thrilled to be the new Principal of Fouke Elementary! My name is Patty Jameson and I have joined the staff here, officially as of July 1, in the role of Elementary Principal, but was previously on board last year as the LEA Special Education Supervisor. I know I am late getting this introduction out, but with COVID protocols changing daily and so much uncertainty I was not sure how the year would start.

Now that we are in full swing, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the feedback on the Title I Survey/Needs Assessment, you provided last week during conferences. It was most helpful to myself and the staff. Many people requested more communication in the forms of Monthly newsletters, more social media posts, and more parental involvement on the campus. WE are happy to oblige you with all of these things! ( keep reading.. for details ).

While I have your attention I thought I would formally introduce myself and let you know more about me! I have over 25 years in the world of education, most of which was served in Texas. I have taught and been an administrator at all levels - Elementary, Middle School, High School and Central Office. My breadth of experiences brings much to the table here in Fouke, but I am always willing to learn more. I've been charged with overall school improvement and am working hard, along side this wonderful staff, to get this accomplished. My family and I relocated to Arkansas last year, when my husband was named Superintendent in Genoa. My son is a senior at Genoa and I have three daughters - the youngest is sophomore in college. I love to work in the yard, spend time outdoors and play with my puppies. I enjoy reading and watching football but most of my free time you will find me talking about kids and what I can do to help more students be successful. I am very passionate about what I do and hope to serve this community well.

I have met many of you but please feel free to stop by the school anytime to visit and get to know me and allow me the same opportunity. Together we will make great a great impact!

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Parent Involvement

Friday Assemblies...

You asked and WE WILL DELIVER!!!....We have been having so much fun every day, beginning in the gym, and building community! Each day we begin by challenging our grade levels to see who can have the most readers and mark that with a color bar on a giant book graph on the wall. After we say our 'Good Mornings' we stand and say the pledge and show our respects by having a moment of silence. Any necessary announcements are made at this time, to avoid classroom interruptions, then we dismiss. On Friday's, we honor our Premier Panthers, announce any On-A- Roll Awards, draw for attendance recognition, and occasionally have special guests! We would love for you to join us on a Friday to help celebrate our fabulous students and see what we are doing! The only request is that you sign the clipboard in the gym, documenting your attendance for our records.

Eating lunch with your kiddo....

Come one, Come all...If you are dying to eat in a cafeteria full of kiddos, come join us! I know eating lunch with your child at school can be a big deal, so we want to invite you to come eat with us. We will have a table designated for parents to come and eat with their child. Please do not invite friends or neighbors to join you but rather spend some quality time with your child and enjoy one another's company while eating lunch. We do ask that prior to entering the cafeteria you come and sign in at the office and get a visitor sticker.

Volunteering at school...

Many of you have asked to be let back in the classrooms! We really want you to come help us out, as we have many needs. Please understand that for now we would like to respectfully ask that you help us with any of the below tasks, and as the year goes on, maybe we can open up a bit more! Please contact your child's homerooms teacher if you can help with any of the following tasks:

  • Making copies for the grade level
  • Stuffing folders on Monday
  • Listening to a student read in the hallway - allowing for some one on one quality listening
  • Helping with "WIN" - What I Need.


Some parents have requested homework and others are thankful for not having any, so you can see the dilema we face. Students who struggle, often need more practice, but have a hard time doing tasks independently. We are using WIN ( What I Need ) time to address areas of deficit and work in smaller groups with those who need it.

For now, we will ask that all kids read for a minimum of 20 minutes each evening, this reinforces fluency and helps them reach their Independent Million Word Challenge goal! Practicing their math facts with flash cards or online games that reinforce these skills is also very helpful.

If a teacher assigns additional homework that you need support on please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher for further explanation.


Parents we need your help! In order to make academic gains kids must be present for instruction. We totally understand when they are not feeling well or have appointments, but please help us, help your kids, by making sure they have great attendance on a regular basis. Our campus goal is to have 95% or better and currently we are averaging closer to 88%, so that means we need about 35 more kids at school daily! Help us out please!!!