School Bag and Locker Searches

Students should have their privacy

Is searching a student's bag OK?

Searching a students bag is OK when you have a reasonable reason to suspect that the student is carrying something illegal. An example would be like a student being spotted using drugs but dening it later. If the teacher starts searching the school bag and not the locker, that is an illegal search.

Why should searching a student's locker not be allowed?

Students deserve their privacy. By searching ones locker you are making her/him feel uneasy. Personal property should only be view by the owner and it is not a subject to be viewed by outsiders. Unless a peer has seen an illegal action has been made then only should his/her personal belongings be searched. This right can't be taken away from students because it is our right as American citizens.

What do other people think about locker and bag searches?

person 1: "It invades peoples privacy."

person 2: "Ones locker should only be searched if their proper evidence is provided."

person 3: " I think it is invasive of others privacy because you might have something personal and private in their.

3 out of every 5 people interviewed wanted their privacy