Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

February 5, 2016

Science Fair Projects

Thank you so much for working with your child on their science fair projects. They did such a fantastic job and couldn't have done it without your help. When they brought them in they were beaming with excitement and so proud of what they have accomplished. Thank you for making this project a success. By next week, all science fair projects for fourth grade will be displayed in the IMC for you to view. Come in and check them out!

Field Trips

On Friday, February 12th your student will be attending a field trip to the Veteran's Museum and the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Veteran's Museum tour will focus on the Civil War and add onto the knowledge the students already have on this topic. After lunch, students will be taken on a guided tour of the State Capitol.

Our Physical Education teachers have planned a field trip to Rock River Lanes on Monday, February 8th. The kids are really excited for the trip! Thank you for turning in the permission slips and money. It is much appreciated!

Valentine's Day

Our classroom Valentine's Day party will be held at 2:00pm on Thursday, February 11th. Thank you to the families who so generously volunteered to donate items for our classroom party! We are still in need of cupcakes/cookies/candy treats if you are interested in donating.


Writer's Workshop:

Your student is continuing to create a report on a specific animal. They are really focusing on the adaptations of their animal. This week they drafted, revised, and started editing their report.

*Ask your student - What is one adaptation your animal has and why is it needed?

Reader's Workshop:

Your student has been working on close reading and close viewing these past couple of weeks. They have learned that when trying to gather information it often takes more than one read or watch to really understand the text or video and be able to go deeper. Students have been reading texts that have to do with adaptations of different animals to gain knowledge and synthesize what they already know.

*Ask your student - Why did you watch a video clip three times instead of just once? What did you learn and how did your learning of adaptations change from before you watched it?

Everyday Math

One of the things your child has been working on this week in math is long division. Everyday Math has us learn long division in different ways than (probably) you and (definitely) I was taught. Here are a couple tutorial videos to display how our students are learning long division through Partial Quotients Algorithm.

Partial Quotients Algorithm Tutorial Video

Partial Quotients Algorithm Tutorial Video


Keep up the great work with filling out your 20/20 Reading Calendars and reading every night!

February Conferences

I wanted to let you know that your fourth grader has been working very hard on a Google Slide Presentation to present to you during that time that is based off the work they have done this past quarter. If it is at all possible, please make sure that your child would be available during the conference time to join us.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Need a reminder of your conference time? Here's a copy of my February Conference Schedule.

Important Dates to Remember

February 8th - Unit 6 Math Test

February 8th - Bowling Field Trip

February 9th - Parent Teacher Conferences

February 11th - Talent Show 6:00PM

February 12th - Museum & Capitol Field Trip