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Professional Development Workshops for Educators

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Shower Your Students With Knowledge!

**Please note many April offering are online courses; if the start date of an online course has passed, but you are still interested please contact us and we will try our best to make arrangements for you to take the course.

Online Course: Developing and Teaching Text Sets - Do you struggle to find ways to integrate more texts in your classroom?
Text sets are groups of texts surrounding one topic which help to increase background knowledge, vocabulary deficits, and help to scaffold understanding. In the workshop participants will learn how to develop strong text sets and provide tools to help students navigate these texts.

Instructors: Rebecca Donnelly & Marley Smith

Online Course: Reading and Writing Like a Historian Grades K-12- Are you interested in learning how we can tap into the inquisitive nature of students to improve learning?
This online course will examine reading and writing like historians as referenced by experts in the Social Studies field. Participants will experience inquiry learning through the lens of historical thinking, NYS K-12 Social Studies Practices and exemplar models.

Instructor: Dana Serure

4/20 - Developing Digital Citizens (Model Schools COSER) - How can we provide students the tools and skills necessary to remain safe online?

In this course, teachers in all disciplines in grades K-12 will explore an array of resources to support digital citizenship in the classroom. Teachers will be provided with design time to plan and prepare for implementation.

Instructor: Dana Serure

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Let Your Students Bloom!

Designing High Quality Writing Curricula with Angela Stockman (Multiple Dates):

After assessing needs, teachers will work in differentiated groups to either build capacity to design high quality curricula and/or forward their action plans (if participants have attended prior sessions). Special opportunities will be provided for teachers to explore units that align with the New York State ELA Curriculum Domains and Modules. Protocols for curriculum design in any context will be shared and teachers will use them to begin drafting. Participants do not need to have attended Angela's previous sessions to attend.

Register Here - Grades K-3 - May 13
Register Here - Grades 4-5 - May 19

Register Here - Grades 6-8 - May 20

Online Book Study: Ready, Set, Science
Ready to capitalize on the fun and excitement students experience learning science?
This rich text advocates a shift from content to practice in the teaching of science. Using case studies, teachers see real-life opportunities to turn students into explorers of their own environments. This online book study will help teachers reflect and plan for real-world classroom science experiences, focusing on putting the new science standards into practice.
Instructor: Marley Smith

5/9 - PK-2 Pacing and Planning Within The NYS Math Modules Are you struggling to pace your PK-2 Math Modules to meet the needs of all learners? Are your early learners struggling with fluencies?
In this workshop, designed for teachers already using the NYS Math Modules, we'll explore how to pace and plan a curriculum to meet your students needs. Participants will explore fluency strategies using Math Talks and discuss adaptations that maintain the integrity and alignment of the program to the CCLS.

Instructor: Kelly Wetzler

5/11 - Designing Common Formative Assessments in ELA How do you gauge student progress towards the Common Core Learning Standards in your classroom?

While end of the year and standardized assessments will give us a snapshot of student learning, knowing what students know along the way is important to adjust instruction accordingly. This workshop will lay out the parameters of designing common formative assessments in ELA for use by a grade level and includes the identification of curricular priorities, understanding assessments types and hallmarks of quality assessment.

Instructor: Theresa Gray

5/12 - Digital Storytelling (Model Schools COSER) Do you want to provide students with creative opportunities to present their learning using technology?

In this workshop we'll examine digital tools that allow a student to create, tell, and share stories and literature using 21st century technology. We will examine tech tools that support and encourage student voice within different writing styles and mediums.

Instructor: Katy Berner-Wallen

5/16 - Argument Writing in Social Studies Are you worried about how to prepare your students for the changes in social studies?
Recent changes to social studies have lead to a greater emphasis on argument writing. This workshop will provide participants with the essential for teaching, scoring, and providing feedback in argumentative writing specific to social studies.

Instructor: Marcy Sweetman

5/23 - Web Tools to Foster Student Research (Model Schools COSER) Are you looking for ways to revamp a tired research unit?

Take advantage of the increasing amount of web tools and apps to help teachers integrate technology in research and inquiry work in and out of class. Grounded in the CCLS, teachers will have an opportunity to revise current research projects to align to the standards and sharpen students' 21st century skills to prepare them for the college and workforce.

Instructor: Marcy Sweetman

5/24 - Making the Most Out of High-Stakes Tests Are you an educator who laments the required high-stakes tests? Are you struggling to find value in summative assessments designed by someone other than the classroom teacher?

In this workshop, we'll examine ways to mine the test for valuable information beyond just the data (scores), discuss how to engage students in an exploration of what they will learn throughout the term or year, and frame the content of your course in a new way.

Instructor: Marley Smith

5/25 - Infusing Coding and Computer Science into the K-12 Curriculum (Model Schools COSER) Are you afraid that coding and computer science is beyond your skill set?
In this workshop we will examine what coding and computer science can look like any classroom. We'll explore tools that can help students learn the basics to code and explore available technology to make this process happen in your classroom. Participants should have basic computer knowledge, patience, an inquiry spirit and a sense of fun.

Instructor: Katy Berner-Wallen

5/25 - Unpacking the Social Studies Inquiries (K-12) Busy schedule? Not enough time to plan a Social Studies inquiry?
This workshop is for you! Participants will be given a brief overview of the frameworks, specific to their grade level. Using the Inquiry Design Model blueprint teachers can create instructional and curriculum design tools to support their students. Time will be provided for preparing and planning.

Instructor: Marcy Sweetman

5/26 - Digital Citizenship (Model Schools COSER) Do you worry about how to keep students safe online?

Student safety continues to be one of our top priorities as educators. In a digital world, digital citizenship is more important than ever. In this workshop we will define and explore how to keep safe in the online/digital world using resources that teachers can use in their own classrooms.

Instructor: Kelly Wetzler

5/27 - Making Texts Come Alive With Protocols Are you looking for ways to spur worthwhile class discussion?

In this workshop we will examine protocols that align with the reading, writing, and speaking & listening strands of the CCLS and share the purpose and meaning. Participants will get to experience protocols as a learner and have the opportunity to apply them to classroom texts they have brought with them.

Instructor: Dana Serure

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Help Your Students Shine!

6/2 - Blended Online Learning: Reading Foundational Skill Series: Remediation to Enrichment (K-5) Would you like an opportunity to help support all readers in your classroom?

This series will focus on how to use the Reading Foundation Skill Standards to support the learning of your struggling and most proficient learners in the area of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition/fluency. Participants will meet initially to kick the series off and follow with two online instructor directed webinar to dig deeper into resources and strategies to engage in a discussion about implementation.

Participants will meet face to face on 6/2 and then attend 1 hr webinars on 6/9 and 6/16. \

Instructor: Kelly Wetzler

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--------- SPECIAL EVENT!! ---------- May 19th & 20th

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We will be a satellite location for this two-day teacher leadership-focused blended learning session, experienced turnaround principal Pete Hall and experienced instructional coach Alisa Simeral will guide participants to reflect on how they can strengthen their own practice and become more focused leaders and learners alongside their colleagues and their students. As a networked location for the live institute, experienced ASCD facilitators on this topic will be on site to guide the site based learning.

All participants will receive a copy of the book Building Teachers' Capacity for Success: A Collaborative Approach for Coaches and School Leaders. Additional details about the ASCD Professional Learning Institutes and networked sessions can be found here: Link to Learn More

Instructors Provided by ASCD