Rosa Parks

By: Ashley Newman

Who is Rosa Parks?

Rosa McCauley Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskgee Alabama, and died on October 25, 2005. Ever since she was a child she has experienced racial discrimination. Once, the Klu Klux Klan went down her street in hopes of killing anyone of color. Her parents were both slaves, and obviously were activists at ending segregation. She had grown up in a town where skin color defined who you are, and she knew that she wanted to end that. After her bus fiasco, she earned the NAACP's highest award.

"I had been pushed as far as I could stand" -Rosa Parks

What did she do?

Rosa Parks was riding a bus one day and sitting in a seat. A white man boarded the bus and the bus driver told Rosa to give up her seat. She said "No, I'm not going to give up my seat for this man." She was arrested, and this started the Mtgomery Boycott.


This even was important because it started up the Mtgomery Boycott, and the hope to ending segregation in all. The Montgomery boycott was a huge deal, and made the city have no choice but to lift the law of "Blacks in the Back." This was the beginning of the end of racial discrimination.