molasses mishaps

Hawaii ocean in danger

what happened

on Sep 22, 2013 a pipe burst in Honolulu,Hawaii making about 233,000 gallons of molasses to spill all over the Honolulu harbor causing all of the sea life to slowly perish away because the creature can't take in all of the molasses. The molasses also is defusing while the harbor can't fight the molasses from defusing.

(picture is an arial view of the molasses defusing)


•the molasses is killing hundreds of fish.

•the harbor can't retaliate against the molasses defusing.

•The spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of molasses into Honolulu Harbor.

•The thick brown goop displaces oxygen-rich water that fish and corals need to breathe.

•direct contact with molasses can clog a fish's gills.

•the molasses is causing bacteria to take up all of the air bubbles that are in the water.

some pictures of the damage

unknown words

•displace-The act of displacing, or the state of being displaced; a putting out of place." I displaced my book."

•smother-to extinguish. "I smothered the fire with water."

•surge-A sudden transient rush, flood or increase."a surge of blood rushed to my head."

•fragile-Easily broken. "the cup is very fragile."

questions I have

question 1- why would Matson company not know they had a pipe that would end up bursting and causing the whole mess?

question 2-how do they plan on cleaning up the molasses?

question 3-how do they plan on getting all the molasses cleaned up?


osmosis-the movement of molecules from high consentration to low concentration.

defusion- when molecules are constantly splitting and growing