7th Grade Health

Periods 1 & 2

Welcome to Week 4!

Wow! We are just about halfway through our nine weeks! Things are absolutely flying by!
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This week our focus is all on nutrition! We started today's class with a quick warm-up about what students think is a well-balanced meal. Then we shifted into some group work. Groups were given a list of words that they were to talk about at their tables. Then collectively, they were to come up with what they thought was a specific definition for each word. The activity will lead into our exercise tomorrow of discussing those words and truly identifying what each means.

As the week goes on, we will look at various restaurant menus and examine nutritional values of various food items they offer. Please keep sending in those menus!

Lastly, we will finish with eating in moderation, making healthy food choices, and exercise.

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Edmodo Reminder

Please remind your child to check Edmodo on a regular basis for notes, polls, and discussion questions.

Note: the Edmodo app on cell phones does not seem to be working properly so it is best to use an ipad, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

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