JCPRD Summer Camp

Trailwood/ Diemer @ Corinth

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Social and Emotional Learning

At heart, character education is helping young people develop a sense of social responsibility—a personal investment in the well-being of others and in the future of the planet. We can teach the virtues we hold dear only when we step out of our own perspective, empathize with others, and see the future consequences of our actions.

Character education means helping students understand, through experience, that what they value matters and that living these virtues lends meaning and richness to their own lives. Young people begin to see that their actions and choices create the world as it is and as it will be. When students grasp the positive difference they can make in the world, they grow in responsibility, respect, self-discipline, integrity, empathy—all the virtues we wish to see.

-Diane Berreth and Sheldon Berman, Social and Emotional Learning Pages 24-27

Character Building During Circle Time

Teaching Kids EMPATHY:

“Empathy is an understanding that other people have feelings, and those feeling count.” When kids care for living things--from worms to plants to animals-they exercise their empathy muscles. They learn through experience that 1.) everything has needs; 2.) these needs are not always identical 3.) they can help meet those needs

Summer application: Teach kids how to care for plants. Gardening with young kids teaches them practical lessons in cause and effect. If you forget to water, they wilt. This teaches them a living thing is dependent upon them, encourages kindness and a connection to something they are bringing into the earth.

Teaching Kids COURAGE:

Courage isn't only for superheros. It’s not about heroism as it is more about becoming our best selves: to be connected, contributing members of our community. Sometimes that may mean a heroic rescue or a daring act. Most of the time, courage is quieter. Courage is welcoming a new neighbor, cooking soup for a friend who is sick, standing up for a classmate who is being bullied or pushed around. Courage is a heart word- “ To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”

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Camp Info

Hooray for Swimming!

  • Pool passes are required and can be purchased at Matt Ross Community Center.

  • M/W/F are regular pool days but please ***refer to calendar for dates and times

  • All campers will be required to pass a swim test before being allowed to swim in the deeper end of the pool.

  • Campers may have the opportunity to retake the swim test each week if they didn’t pass the first swim test. Swimmers must wear an orange wristband until they have passed the swim test and been approved by the director

  • Sunscreen will be applied prior to pool, and again during adult swim

  • Swimmers may purchase a snack and soda-free beverage if they choose to do so.

  • Campers are responsible for their own money

Hooray for Field Trips!!

  • Field trip days are typically Thursdays. ***Refer to calendar for dates and times

  • Please arrive at least 30 min before departure

  • Wear camp shirt on FT days

Hooray for Tuesdays!!

  • Tuesdays are on-site days and Kona Ice days and wear your tye-dye shirts days!

  • We have many special events on Tuesdays : Spa Day, Lemonade stand, trip to Franklin Park, Bake Sale, etc.

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Program Director: Kelly Griffin

Mission Statement: Developing health and happiness in our community's children through safe, diverse, and character-building experiences.

This will be my fourth summer with JCPRD! I Absolutely love my job and I love these kiddos! I love that I get to teach them about kindness, tolerance and acceptance and my personal favorite....gratitude and giving back to others! I have worked with kiddos since I was one many.... many years ago. I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education In 2011 at Rockhurst University. My undergrad was at K-State so Go Cats! On the side I worked in animal rescue and I eat a lot of spicy foods ;-) looking forward to an amazing summer!!!!!!!

JCPRD Trailwood/Dimer Camp #2 @ Corinth

Program Director: Kelly Griffin


JCPRD is held at Corinth Elementary

Pick up and drop off is through Door #8 on the South side of the school. Please park in the lot provided and do not park past the fence. Sign in and sign out is required.

Program Details:

We love trees so please go to and read the parent handbook online and please go over the Code of Conduct with your children. We have 67 kids enrolled in our summer program and we want our minions to have a positive and bright experience! Know the rules!




JCPRD Trailwood Staff Members