Conservation VS Preservation

By: Haley Malone

What dose it all mean?

Wildlife: undomesticated animals living in the wild, including those hunted for food, sport, or profit.

Conservation: the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss; preservation: conservation ofwildlife; conservation of human rights.

Preservation: to keep alive or in existence; make lasting: to preserve our liberties as free citizens.

How conservation help wildlife? How dose preservation benefit wildlife??

~Conservation helps wildlife because it protects natural things in wildlife such as trees and animals that live in there. Conservation helps preserve what comes natural in nature and in wildlife. They don't want too much to change in wildlife because its natural and mother nature made it what its is and there is no need for change. Wildlife consist of undomesticated animals living freely in their habitat and all the animals are different in some way, shape, or form. Each animal has its needs of what it needs to live an long live a long healthy life and conservation helps conserve the animals needs.

~Preservation benefits wildlife it protects endangered animals from getting killed and becoming extinct. It protects all animals from getting killed in nature. Animals are happy living freely and should not be scared if humans are going to destroy their home or even kill them. As for example Wilton Wildlife Preserve helps protect nature and preserve any fossils or animal foot prints found there. Its important to have habitats safe to live for the animals. You can preserve anything from animals to fossils even animal foot prints. We can learn from what animals have left behind even something so small like a footprint can tell thousands of years in history. That's why preservation benefits wildlife.

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Giant pandas are the rarest among the bear family. Pandas live in bamboo forest and they eat 20-28 pounds of it on a daily bases. There are about 1000 pandas left in the world and about 100 live in zoos. Giant pandas live for about 20 years. these pandas are going extinct and soon there will be no more giant pandas in the world. We have to conserve pandas habitat and make sure they have plentiful to eat. There need to be more laws for hunting pandas world wide so we can make pandas live forever and never die out.