The App Generation

Chapters 4 - 6

The devices that lead the future...

"New technologies lower the floor, raise the ceiling, and widen the walls for youth creators."

Key Point #1

"In 1967, 86% of college freshmen said that "developing a meaningful philosophy or life" is "very important" or "essential" to them, compared to just 46% in 2012"

MEANING... Students are less likely to focus on developing a meaningful philosophy of life today, leaving them less prepared for their future and more focused on the here and now.

Key Point #2

"Parents demonstrate a passionate desire to shield their children from experiencing any sort of unhappiness or hardship"

MEANING...Failure is not an option and when it happens, both students and parents may put more pressure on the educator than the student who is generally responsible for the hardship. Educators need to create a learning environment that all students can be successful in, but the students and parents must realize their responsibility in learning and individual growth.

Key Point #3

"Yoking one's identity too closely to certain characteristics of these technologies and lacking the time, opportunity, or inclination to explore life and lives offline may result in an impoverished sense of self."

MEANING...Technology is a great benefit to daily life, but has limitations and can be overused especially when it comes to personal/social uses.

Key Point #4

Students are "rule followers to a fault."

MEANING...Students rely on strict directions to complete tasks and often get caught up in asking the educator too many questions too soon. Students must become willing to explore and create on their own with less direction.

Key Point #5

Studies on change in creativity over the past twenty years have revealed a large drop in elaboration, fluency, originality, and creative strengths. While another study points to more creativity, but in a different medium than the creativity of the past.

MEANING...Students need more direction on elaboration, fluency, and originality. Students also need opportunities to express their creativeness in their learning to encourage long lasting learning.

The App Generation - Howard Gardner