Greece is magnificent


Pericles Strengthening Democracy

Pericles was a member of a aristocratic family. Although he did support democracy. For about thirty years during the golden age Pericles was the most important man in politics. Pericles was intelligent, persuaded citizens and an Athenian leader. Pericles is most known for making Athens a beautiful city. Pericles's biggest acomplish was the construction of the Parthenon.

Gods Of Olympus

Greek Gods

Zeus was the main god of Olympus. He was the god of gods, god of lightning, thunder, and the heavens. People honored Zeus by praying, honoring him in the Olympics, praying to him, and offering sacrifices. Zeus influenced the ancient Greek states the most by influencing them to build temples and to always pray in time of need. Poseidon was the god of seas and storms. People honored him by praying and offering sacrifices. Poseidon influenced sailors to pray for good weather. Athena is the patron god of Athens. Athenians would pray to her and offer sacrifices to the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. She influenced the Athenians in many ways. one way is she influenced the people to pray to the gods and build temples. These are the Greek gods.

The Parthenon

Athenians built huge temples to honor the gods but they mainly built temples to honor they're patron goddess Athena. One of the most famous statues in Greece was stolen. The Parthenon was stolen. Some suspect that the Roman army came and stole it when they broke down the temple. It couldn't have been destroyed because the citizens said that the statue is indestructible. So who stolen the statue of the Greek goddess?

Visual and Dramatic Arts

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The significance of the parthenon

The Parthenon is amazing. The Parthenon is made to honor the Greek god of wisdom and Athens patron Goddess Athena. The Greek Parthenon is significant because of its advance architecture. The Parthenon is significane.
They used some art to as a place to pray. I consider the Parthenon's statue of Athena art and people went to pray there. Some other people used the arts to entertain themselves. They would go to see dramas, a tragedy, or a comedy. Other Citizens used art as there job they would make it then sell it. That is how the ancient Greeks used art in there daily lives.

What I enjoyed most

I enjoyed most about this project learning about the Greek gods and Greek mythology. I already know allot about Greek mythology and always want to learn more. What i most enjoyed about this project was writing about the Greek gods and there family. That is what i most enjoyed this subject.