Open Door Policy

Dollar Diplomacy

What is the Open Door Policy?? Why is it important to the United States??

The Open Door Policy is a statement of protection for equal privileges with countries who trade with China. The Open Door Policy also supports the Chinese territorial and administrative integrity.

The United States proposed The Open Door Policy because without the sphere of influence on its own, the United States feared being cut out of trade with China.

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What is Dollar Diplomacy? Why is it important to the United States?

The Dollar Diplomacy is a foreign policy that was created by President William Howard Taft, and at that time, the secretary of state, Philander C. Knox, to ensure financial stability in a region while protecting and extending American commercial and financial interests in that region.

The Dollar Diplomacy is important to the United States because the US loaned money to the the Caribbean, Central America, and other countries to help them grow. Then when the United States wanted to do big business, we did business with the countries that loaned us money.