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Weekly newsletter for staff 10th October 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Prevent Training - All staff must complete prevent training online by the end of September and let me have a copy of your certificate please. Thanks to those that have done this already.
  • KS Action Plans - need to be completed by Donna's visit on 22nd October please, Subject action plans by w/c 11th November. Subject action plans and reports for the end of last school year should be placed in the file on the google drive. There are still a lot of subject reports missing that were asked to be completed by September.
  • Performance Management - I will be arranging appointments for all teachers before half term. Please ensure that you have your evidence file up to date.
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Diary Dates Next Week

Monday 14th -

  • KF out am Science Network - SH cover
  • 09:00 Parent to see KW (ZP Acorns)
  • 09:00 Sue Smith to see WM (Cherry)
  • 09:30 Jayne Ball to see MM (Willow)
  • 09:30 Autism Team to see HL (Hazel)
  • 10:00 Rachel Cole to see ZP (Acorns)

Tuesday 15th -

  • 14:00 KW Performance Management
  • 15:15 Parent to see KH/ SD (AG Birch)
  • 16:00 Subject Network Meetings

Wednesday 16th -

  • Y5 to Bewerley Park
  • KF out, AS cover
  • 09:00 Tracy Ashton to see OD (Birch)
  • 09:45 Tracy Ashton to see AG (Birch)
  • 10:00 New Parent Show Round
  • 10:30 Acorns & Birch visit to church
  • 16:00 Subject Network Meetings

Thursday 17th -

  • Y5 at Bewerley Park
  • KF out, CS cover
  • 09:15 Willow & Birch to Church
  • 13:00 Y5/6 Boys Football x8 @SHS
  • 13:00 Katie Collins to see HL (Hazel)
  • 13:30 Parents in Birch re History
  • 15:15 Parents to see GM (EP)

Friday 18th -

  • Y5 at Bewerley Park
  • 13:30 New Parent Show round
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Thank you and Well done.....

Lots of people to thanks and celebrate this week...

Thank you to everyone who helped whilst I was off last week especially Emma

Thank you to Judith and Karen for creating such a lovely Harvest display and collecting all the goods together, also to Jacqui for helping to set up and run the cake stall.

Thanks to Becca and Karen for standing in and covering classes at short notice this week

and finally well done to Siobhan who has successfully completed her Thrive Course

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to: