Why go to Taipei, China?

Social Studies Period 7 By:Maria Knoll


Hong Kong is a very beautiful city! It is also known for a place to see The Great Wall of China, but Hong Kong has much more to offer,keep reading thins flyer to learn more.

5 Themes of Geography


Hong Hong is located in China which is located in Asia, and is south of Mongolia (also in Asia).

You will not be able to see the Great Wall Of China, but if you want to see it you can go to Beijing which is far north of Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a very beautiful place to be, if you go there you will see...

  • Cars
  • Beautiful Buildings
  • Markets
  • A lot of people (crowded)
  • Water (if on the shore line)

Human Environment Interaction

To get used to the sun you can also get a "Chinese Bamboo Hat" to keep the sun away from your face. You might be able to get these at some chinese stores,but maybe not. They also sell knock-offs in the U.S.A., but a lot of chinese people make them for their selves.


To get around from place to place a lot of people bike or walk. They do this because their homes are so small that they don't want to be in them so they explore the city. Even at night people stay out and walk or bike. If you do tour Hong Kong, China you can can also get from place to place by car.


All of the countries in South East Asia have the same weather pattern, they are the same region. Also most people who were live in South East Asia have the same skin tone and hair color, unless they are a tourist. China which is in South East Asia have these things in common.