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Aracena is a Spanish municipaly of the province of Huelva, Andalusian, with a population of 7.812 inhabitans (INE 2011) and a surface of 184 km2, Aracena's city in the mountainous country to the one that gives name: Aracena's Saw, which forms a part of Sierra Morena.


The economy and form of existing life in Aracena and his region is very determined for Aracena's Saw and Aroche's Beaks (Peaks) formed a part of the Nature reserve in 1989, reaching a surface of 186.827 it has distributed between (among) 28 municipalities of Aracena's Saw. It is furrowed by a fluvial network(net) gathered in three hydrographic basins: that of the Guadalquivir, that of the Guadiana and that of the Odiel, which it is born in the zone.

The autochthonous flora corresponds to that of the Mediterranean forest. Between the species there are included fields of oaks accompained of blockheads and gall oaks in the sandy ones an water-courses, and sarsaparillas. In some enclaves, there spread some dispersed rodales of rebuns or oaks melojos, species very reduced for.

Monuments or famous places.

*Castle, (prioral church of).

*Church of Santa María.

*Casino of Aracena.

*Cave the Marvels.

*Nuns' Convent.


*Street "Gran Vía".

*"Cabildo viejo".

*Museum "Jamón".

*Town Hall

*Old laundry

Typical things.


Sweets, ham, mushroom, cane of loin, sausage, pudding, stew, pottage, etc.


-Cabalgata de Reyes Magos.


-Semana Santa.

-Pilgrimage "La divina Pastoras".

-Big fair of Aracena.


Primary sector:

It is an important cattle town where are noteworthy, as in the entire region, holdings of Iberian pork in meadows and pastures, base of ham and pork. This situation gives rise to the stocks of several companies dedicated to the marketing of products derived from pigs highlighting the ham who enjoys great prestige at national and international level.

Secondary sector:

It has a commercial subarea that brings together Galaroza, Jabugo and other 14 municipalities that make up the district, with a population of set that reaches the 17,000 habitantes.50 this has helped keep its population and even increase in recent years.

Tertiary sector:

Tourism and trade fairs.