Yellowstone National park

By:Lane Hol


Yellowstone was the United States First National Park. Yellowstone was founded to perserve geothermal activity throughout the park. Established March 1, 1872, as you an imagine Yellowstone has atraccted a lot of tourists. Yellowstone is three thousand four hundred and sixty eight square miles large. Ninety six percent of yellowstone is located in Wyoming, three percent in Montana, and one percent in Idaho.


Yellowstone is between seventy and eighty degrees fahrenheit during the day. Nights are typically cool and accationaly go below zero in higher elevations. Nice weather most of the time and a nice place to hang out.


Native Americans of Yellowstone

Yellowstone has been home to Native Americans Since it was established. Native American traditions can be seen in places throughout the park. Yellowstone is home to a tribe called the Sheepeaters, named by their main source of food. In the eighteen hundreds christianity was introduced to the Native Americans of Yellowstone.