Welcome to Lincoln Street!

October 1st-15, 2018

Message From the Principal

What an amazing beginning of the school year! We celebrated our first spirit week of the year last week. Check out our school Website for awesome pictures of the different events during that week.

Here are the different ways in which we will keep you informed this school year:

  • Thursday folders- Green folder that will go home with the students every Thursday with homework and parent information
  • Monthly calendar- Calendar of the events happening at our school each month. It will go home the first week of the month in the Thursday folders
  • Smore newsletter- News from our classrooms/school will be emailed to all families twice a month
  • School Website- Updated weekly- https://www.hsd.k12.or.us/lincolnstreet

We want to thank all the parents who continue to support our school donating supplies, volunteer in the classrooms, and sharing the positive things that are happening at our school!

6th Grade News

In 6th grade we are reading the book Wonder by RJ Palacio. We read this book every year with our students to study the topics of Social and Emotional health. A summary of the book: August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a severe facial difference that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. Starting 5th grade at Beecher Prep, Auggie wants nothing more than to be treated as an ordinary kid—but his new classmates can’t get past his extraordinary face. Wonder begins from Auggie's point of view, but soon switches to include the perspectives of his classmates, his sister, her boyfriend, and others. These voices converge to portray a community as it struggles with differences, and challenges readers, both young and old, to wonder about the true nature of empathy, compassion, acceptance, friendship, and—ultimately—kindness. Auggie is a hero for the ages, one who proves that you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out

Our Essential Question for this unit is “What can we do to be more accepting of differences?” Our goal for our students in reading this book is that they will choose kind. We talk a lot about treating others how we want to be treated.

Attendance Matters!

Attendance is very important for all of our students to succeed every day. Please ensure your child goes to bed early and has plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Our bell rings at 7:45, therefore being on time is am important life skill to establish early on, and being late to school may lead to poor attendance. If a student is late or absent, he or she misses important instruction, let's work together to ensure all of our students are on time and in school every day. Please remember to call our school if your child will be absent and try to schedule appointments after school if possible.The following is an excused absence: student illness, bereavement, serious illness in the family, religious instruction, inclement weather, family emergencies, legal or court appointments requiring the student's attendance. Start building this healthy habit of going to school on time and be in school every day for your child to do well in school and in their future in high school, college, and work.

------------------------ Upcoming Events------------------------

Picture Day Is Coming Soon!

October 4th we will be having Life Touch take students school photos.

Free Food Market

Oct 5th at Lincoln Street Elementary Cafeteria


Walk + Roll to School Day


===============After School Programs=============

Garden Club

Thursday's 2:05-3:30pm

Violin Club

Tuesday's & Thursday's 2:05-4:00pm

Message from our Counselor Mrs. Szukalla!

You may hear your student talk about a ‘Growth Mindset’ (vs. a fixed mindset). In my guidance lessons this year, I will be discussing some of the common ‘mantras’ of a growth mindset. Teachers at Lincoln Street approach teaching with this approach as well -- a belief that with practice, perseverance, and effort, people have limitless potential to learn and grow. With this positive mindset mistakes are opportunities for learning and not a reason for concern. Other common beliefs of a Growth Mindset are: your brain is like a muscle that grows, everyone can learn, and there is a difference between not knowing and not knowing YET! Welcome back to a new year of learning and growing!

Weekend Food Backpack Program

We will continue our Weekend Food Backpack Program again this year. If you were part of this program last school year, you are invited to apply again! This program is available to qualifying families. Although the amount of food will not be very large, it is offered free of charge to families who apply and agree to meet all the requirements. Backpacks are limited! Don't wait apply as soon as possible! You can contact our Latino Family Community Outreach Liaison for more information or pick up an application at our office.

Reminder To Parents and Guardians!

Early release every Wednesday at 1:35 pm K-6 Gr. Please contact the office ahead of time if you need to arrange a pick up or a different transportation than usual.

Office Reminders!

The office hours are 7:15- 3:15pm. Parents please take in mind that school doors open at 7:15am, you can drop off students at this time. Don't forget to remind students that the bell rings at 7:45am. After this time it's consider a tardy and students need to check in the office to get a stamp.