Act 2 Scene 5

Berima Owusu

Scene Summary

In the scene Juliet is agitatedly awaiting the nurse to return with the information on whether or not Romeo will marry her. The nurse returned to Juliet, but did not tell her immediately. The nurse was evading the topic of Romeo message because she was trying to relieve some of the stress on Juliet. The nurse finally reveals to Juliet that Romeo will marry her and that she should tell her parents she will go to the confession cell to marry him without arousing any suspicion.


Visual Representation

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Etta James - At Last - Lyrics

Song Explaination

I chose the song because it basically appeals to the whole point of the scene and summarizes it. The song is about a woman who has been waiting for her love, just like Juliet. Then eventually her love shows and becomes hers, just like the nurse telling Juliet that Romeo will marry her and be hers.