What I Learned In Technology

The Five Amazing Apps


1.Now you can be a movie producer with this app.

2.With this app you can make your own movies and do anything you want.

3.With iMovie you can add your own soundtrack of tunes.


1.With this app you can make a trailer for your iMovie.

2.With iTrailer you could even advertise a homemade products.

3.with iTrailer you can feel like a producer and have all credits and stuff just like a actual trailer.

Haiku Deck

1.With this you can make a huge presentation and have it be so easy.

2.This app is like PowerPoint so it would probably be familiar with some people.

3. You can choose your own pictures and have it finally be easy.

Explain Everything

1.With this app you can make a visual video.

2.This is very useful for teachers.

3.You could even share the videos with the world.

Go Animate

1.Make your own anime with this app.

2.Here there is everything to props to people.

3.This is fun and easy make your own movies and share them with other people.