Hemispheric Dominance

Rosie Nguyen - Professional Communication - 8th Period

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Left Brain

  • 11 Left Brain
  • 8 Right Brain


  • I don't think I'm a left brain for this category because my preference learning style is visual and not verbal learning
  • As I look at things, I would like to process everything as pictures.
  • I personally learn way better with visual learning

Processing Information in Order From First to Last

  • I have O.C.D.
  • I would want everything to be straight and perfect
  • If it's not straight or perfect, I would restart until I get it right from start to finish

Processes Information Piece by Piece Using Logic to Solve a Problem

  • During a test, homework, or review, I would always rely on information to get the correct answers.
  • No matter what happen, I would use either cornell notes or information from the book or online


^^^^^ Cornell Notes ^^^^^

^^^^^ O.C.D. ^^^^^

^^^^^ Visual Learner ^^^^^

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