Davies Dragon Pride Newsletter


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Upcoming dates

12/22 Interim Report Cards issued

12/23 Winter Recess begins

12/24 Happy Hannukah

12/25 Merry Christmas

1/1 Happy New Year

1/3 Return to School

1/13 Early dismissal (Staff PD)

1/16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/27 End of Marking Period

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Students of the Month

Holiday Door Decorating Contest

Using the theme of Kindness, homerooms in every grade decorated their doors to spread cheer around our building. The winning homerooms were Mrs. Pickering (A hall), Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Hopkins (B/D hall), Mrs. Winkler (C hall), and Mrs. Green (E hall). Congratulations to our creative teachers and students!
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Computer Science Week

To celebrate Computer Science Week, STEM, LMT, and Financial Literacy classes participated in various coding activities. Mrs. Green, Mrs. Mattina, and Mrs. Steinen's 8th graders created their own music with Earsketch using Python code. As an introduction to coding, Mrs. Steinen's 6th grade students moved through various activities at their own pace, learning the fundamentals of computer programming with The Hour of Code and Tynker. The Hour of Code is a global movement in which tens of millions of students ages 4 to 104 participate, most with little to no experience. Mrs. Gibbons' Financial Literacy students used Google's CS First program. Students can go to www.code.org to learn and program from home, as well. Many jobs of the future will demand skills that can be learned through these activities; why not get a head start now?

Veterans Day

Book Fair

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From this year's Scholastic Book Fair sales, Mrs. Duelly was able to purchase $900 in new books, as well as save $300 for later purchases. Be sure to support the Book Fair in the future so that we can keep our library stocked with the most current and best reads.
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Basketball Tournament

The Linwood Holiday Tournament was held at Belhaven Middle School this week. We won against Margate 59-41 in the first round. In the second round we beat Absecon 53-36. We won in the championship against St. Joe's 52-39. Noel Gonzalez was named MVP of the tournament. Congratulations to Mr. Jenner and Mr. Morey, and to the entire Davies Basketball team!
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Dragon Dash

Physical education teachers and students helped raise funds for the Alcove Center with Dragon Dash.
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Field Hockey

The Lady Dragons field hockey team had another great season filled with hard work, dedication, and fun! All the girls improved throughout the season and our 8th graders stepped up as leaders for the team. We ended with a record of 4-5-1, but showed steady skill-growth on the field and became more competitive as the season went on. We will miss our graduating 8th grade players, but we know they will go on to be awesome players in high school!
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Academic Team

On October 20, the Academic Team competed in their first competition of the year at St. Augustine Prep.

29th Annual Choir and Band Holiday concert

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Every November, men take on the brave task of participating in Movember: growing a moustache for charity in a bid to raise awareness about men's health {prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues, such as depression. Like breast cancer awareness, this is a global movement. The William Davies Middle School raised funds for this cause by selling chocolate mustaches and having a competition for who had the best beard or mustache. We made over $500.00 from selling the mustaches and the winner of the contest was Mr.Gildner!! Congratulations to him, and thank you to everyone who participated in this competition!!

--Student Council

Food Drive

On behalf of the National Junior Honor Society, and the United Methodist Church Food Pantry, Mr. Weber would like to thank our entire school community for its help with our annual food drive. We collected just under 6,000 nonperishable food items. As one of the volunteers who picked up the food said to our students, "You don't know how many lives you guys have touched with this food."

During the month of November, the National Junior Honor Society collected food items. The top grade level overall, and winner of receiving ice cream during lunch, was the eighth grade, which donated 2,378 items.

The top two homerooms in each grade level get to play Dodgeball against each other for our Extravaganza in January. These are:

6th grade-- Mrs. Gibbons and Mrs. Jenner

7th grade-- Ms. Costello and Mr. Bradley

8th grade-- Mrs. Magliaro and Mr. Meile.

Thank you to Mrs. Cacioppo, Mr. Diorio, Mrs. Steinen, and Mrs. Swan for offering challenges to classes to bring in the most items.

Coat Drive

During the month of October, the National Junior Honor Society collected over 150 coats for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, who distribute the coats to those in most need. Thank you to our school community for your generous help with this project.

Super Mario Bros.

Mr. Keller is extremely grateful for the HTSDPTA's donation to buy enough WiiU's to start a Mario Maker Club. This club will give students the opportunity to design and play their own platformer-style levels to challenge their classmates and people around the world! After the winter break, the club will be up and running full force!
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Family Movie Night

Have you thought about scheduling a regular Family Movie Night in your home?

The National PTA suggests the following benefits:

  • Movies can be a great way to jump-start difficult conversations with your children. If you are having a hard time finding a way to talk about a particular issue or event, find a quality, age-appropriate movie in which the characters face a similar issue or situation.
  • After watching the movie with your children, take some time to have a conversation about your reactions to what you just watched.
  • Having a family movie night is a great way to spend time together. Make sure all selections are appropriate for everyone, and make sure each family member gets a chance to pick a movie for the whole group to watch.
  • Movies can offer glimpses into different cultures or historic events. They are a way to expose children to stories that might not otherwise grab their attention.

Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success

Movie ideas for 6th-8th graders: Star Wars, Princess Bride, Goonies, Edward Scissorhands, The Karate Kid (1984), Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Sandlot, Hairspray (2007), Big, To Kill A Mockingbird, Stand By Me, Spirited Away, Superman (1978), Newsies, Spaceballs, and The Incredibles

Health Tips

Drink Water!

Benefits of drinking more water:

Staying hydrated ensures less headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and dry mouth.

Choosing water over other beverages means you get less calories (150 calories per can of soda or cup of fruit juice) which will help you keep your waist line trim. But don't think that your 0 calorie drink is going to help you lose weight... fake sugars increase your desire for real sugar that you will consume in other foods and drinks.

Your teeth will look nicer. Other drinks that cause major tooth decay include diet sodas, tea, and energy drinks.

Tips to make the switch:

  • Drink a tall glass of room temperature water before you eat or drink anything else each day.
  • Start drinking one cup of water more each day than you did the previous day.
  • Whenever you think of water, take a swig from your refillable bottle.
  • If you must have flavor, try a sparkling flavored water like Le Croix which come in fun flavors like Blackberry Cucumber, Kiwi Watermelon, Orange, and many others.

How much screen time is okay?

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Let It Grow

The second annual Let It Grow Contest invites teachers and community members to vote daily for a school of their choice to win a grand prize of a $5,000 agricultural grant. In addition, five runners up will win a $1,000 agricultural grant. Bookmark the link and enter daily for more chances to win! Answer five questions the first time (they do not have to be correct) and then just enter your email every time after that. The contest ends March 14, 2017.