Membership of the Senate

by: Allyson McCullough


-At least 30 years old

-citizen of U.S. for 9 years before election

-Legal residents of the state the represent


-6 year terms

Staggered elections: senate can't be replaced all at once



Salary~ Senate and house set their own salary $174,000 a year

TWENTY SEVENTH AMENDMENT- prohibits a sitting congress from giving itself a pay raise

Benefits include: stationery, postage for official buisness(called a Franking privilege), a medical clinic, and a gymnasium. Large allowances to pay for their office staff and assistants, trips home, telephones, etc. Pension 50,000.


*Free from arrest "in all cases except treason, felony, and the breach of peace"

*Cannot be sued for anything they say on the House or Senate floor

*The senate and the house both may judge members' qualifications and decide whether to seat them. Each house may refuse to seat an elected member by majority vote.