Calvin Bremer

My Life as a Quest

Moving from New Orleans to Maryland


After having spent years in the south, I was very used to a communal way of life. Everyone around me had been warm and welcoming. When I moved north, to Maryland, the atmosphere was quite different. Everyone spoke differently, and my neighbors distanced themselves.

Moving from Maryland to Virginia


I was born in Virginia, surrounded by family. I felt the most secure here, and when I moved back after venturing both north and south of my roots, I settled, once again, back into the area of my birth. There was a sigh of relief that came with my return. I could once again breathe easy knowing that I could find a shoulder to lean on at an arms length.

Getting into Singing


Music ignites a fervent flame inside of me. To me, there is a song for everything in life; music plays constantly in my head, describing my emotions to me, rather than just feeling them. Before this melodic train of thought, I was unmotivated; I concealed my thoughts and blended in. However, as soon as I sang my first song, and as soon as someone told me what I was capable of, I had ambition, passion, and reason in my life.