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Take the Extra step because it does matter!

By: Anna a serious animal lover!!

Animal Adoption

Animals are in need of a home but its up to you to give them one. Every day an animal is in need of a home. Every day an animal is being dumped, hurt, and abused. They need our help, take the extra step!

A COOL and TRUE quote by my friend Ashley!

"Animals are the worlds best friend!''



1.Where can I get a rescue dog?Answer: You can go to a shelter or rescue center. You could go to ARF (animal rescue center), SPCA, and Animal Welfare.There are so many places to find a dog. Its really easy and once you get your pet its GREAT fun!                                                                                                                                                       2.Is it hard to take care of a dog?Answer: No, not at all. Of course you have to work hard to keep your pet happy and healthy but its not hard and will pay off!

Talk About Too CUTE!!!!!!

Dogs Who Love Water

Some One Who Cares

Hi! I am a animal lover who cares about animals. I am always encouraging others to adopt pets so they can be happy and make us happier. You can go to an animal shelter. It only takes a few steps to adopt a furry little friend that will be your best friend forever. I have three dogs myself and love them all. You can go to the A.R.F website and adopt a dog.


When ever you get a dog you need to meet the dog before you get him/her. This is very important because if you don't meet the dog it migt not be a good fit for you or your family. I said ''not a fit''.A dog may not be good around kids or may nip at you the first time you meet him/her. It needs to matter how you feel but, it also needs to matter how the dog feels as well. You need to ask yourself these guestions: ''Is this dog nice?, Do I feel comfort around him/her?'', and,''Is this dog a good fit for me/my family?''  It really does matter!! To find out more click on my buttons below. You can go to A.R.F., SPCA, and Animal Welfare. Take the extra step because it does matter!  

This is where I got MY dog. And boy is she the best!!!!!


Heres another great place to get a dog!

Animal Welfare

And another great place!

Some More Great Animals who need a HOME

Cat's are Good Too!!

Dogs, Birds,Reptiles,Rodents, and Amphibians aren't the only great animals who need a home. Cats do to!! I,myself, am not a cat person. But, YOU may be! I love all animals especially dogs and cats to but there not my favorite. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean you shouldn't. There cute,cuddle, and very playful! Its a great pet for not a very active person. You might think cats are only pets for elderly people. But there not!!

Here is a place you can get the animals above!


Here is another great place!!


Anna and Elizah

Anna on the left and Elizah on the right.
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Remember, Take the extra step because it DOES matter!!!