POBF- 5.02

I will Understand Risk Management and Insurance

Tpyes Of Insurance

  • Health- provides protection against the high cost of individual health care
  • Workmans Compensation- provides medical asnd survivor benefits for people injured, disabled, or killed on the job
  • Hospitalization-covers for most or all of the charges during a stay in the hospital
  • Surgical-covers all or part of the surgeon's fees for an operation
  • Regular Medical-covers fees for nonsurgical care given in the doctor's office, the patient's home, or a hospital
  • Dental-contains deductible and coinsuranceto reduce the cost of premiums, covers examinations, xrays, cleaning and fillings, covers dental injuried resulting from accidents, covers part of complicated workd, such as crowns or bridges
  • Comprehensive- combines the fratures of hosputal, surgical, regular, and major medical insurance, also the most common
  • Vision- covers eye examination, prescription lenses, frames, contact lenses
  • Life- protects survivors against financial loss associated with death