Consumer Rights

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Definition of Consumer

A consumer is someone that purchases goods or service for their own direct uses.
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Right to Safety

The goal for the consumer rights that was first acknowledged by 1962's president, John F. Kennedy were to keep the number of injuries affect by products low. That meant if a product was starting harm to the owner it would be on recall. Recall is were a product is taken back to be retested and/or put on warning labels.

Products That Have Been Recalled

Right to be Informed

This right is mostly on the businesses side of their product. This means that the company of the product being sold needs enough necessary information for the consumer. No

information should faulty to make product seem better. This right is meant for the false financing, advertising, labeling, and packaging. For example, the Cheerio box is informing consumers that it lowers your cholesterol four percent in six weeks.

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Right to Choose

This right gives consumers a variety of products to choose from by different companies. The government is trying everyday to make people eat healthier. For example, the picture shows that there is a huge selection between different kind of brands of peanut butter.

Right to be Heard

This right gives the opportunity to consumers that have a problem or report to give back to the company on the product. Some company's put 24 hour phone number service on boxes, others have websites you can blog on. For example, if your phone bill exceeds higher than your normal wage consumers have the right to call and complain.

Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

This right access people to their essential goods and service, which include food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, public utilities, water, and sanitation. This right allows consumers to have basic needs like water. For example, the city gives us access to electricity and water.

Right to Redress

This right goes against the un-promise companies that take in fake information or lie. This means that as a consumer you have the right to go against the trustworthy companies since you have the right to receive a fair settlement. For example, if a consumer is unsatisfied with an item that had wrong labeling, the consumer has the right to complain.

Right to Consumer Education

This right states that consumers get knowledge by the goods and services they selected by obeying the laws. For example, as an American citizen you have the right to get free learning.

Right to a Healthy Environment

This right states that consumers around the world need to put in effort/work to make the next generations even more better and healthier. For example, Michelle Obama has encourage America to choose healthy foods over junk food. Over the past couple of years there has been healthy activities for young children to be apart of. In school students have access to a vending machine with fruits, vegetables, and water.

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