Rebel Assignment By Parker Anding

Jim's Traits

I feel that Jim is honorable. He doesn't let people pick on him and call him a chicken. when someone does call him a chicken he stands up for himself. I also feel that he is sort of lonely too. When he gets in trouble with someone he always move and wouldn't have time to try and find a friend.

Jim continued

what is the main lesson of the movie?

I that the main point of the movie was to bring families together. the whole movie was basically about kids trying to get their families together and love them like that do. All the families have a problem like Jim wants he dad to start being a man and mom to let him do what he wants. Judy wants her dad to loved her she feels that her dads think that she is to old to be kissed and loved. Plato just wants his family to be together. He was alone throughout the whole movie until the end.

Is honor or safety that means more to you?

I think that safety means more to me. i think that just because someone is making fun of you that you can just go and get help instead of doing something stupid and regretting the mistake that you have just made.