Thomas' Fourth Grade Scoop

Week of January 11th


We will start all over with our math facts quizzes, which means all students will be expected to complete 50 addition facts in three minutes with 90% accuracy. After students pass addition, they will move to multiplication, then subtraction and finally division. After the 50 facts, students will graduate to 100 math facts in three minutes with 95% accuracy for each of the four operations. Please help your children practice their math facts at home. Students who have their facts memorized find it easier to focus on the procedures to multiply and divide large numbers.

Our next Envisions Math Topic 10 will focus on various procedures (algorithms) to divide single digit divisors into 3 and 4-digit dividends.


Our spelling words this week are all -ed endings, but with different sounds. The -ed ending can sound like /t/, /ed/, or /d/.

1. eloped

2. addressed

3. menaced

4. advanced

5. mortified

6. relieved

7. departed

8. decided

9. completed

10. knitted

Students are also expected to find three words with -ed endings, each word must have a different sound /d/, /t/, and /ed/.

The spelling packets are due on Thursday, January 14th, and the test is scheduled for Friday, January 15th.

Reading At Home

Practice makes perfect. Please make sure your children are reading every night. Try to partner read; this is where you and your child take turns reading a page out loud. Don't forget to ask after every couple of pages what is happening in the story. Reading aloud helps your child read fluently. Asking questions helps with comprehension. If your child comes to an unfamiliar word, you may help your child with the following strategies:

1) Do you see a smaller word?
2) Do you notice any prefixes or suffixes?
3) Can you break the word into syllables?
4) Does that word make sense?

Reading Incentives

There are two reading incentive programs. The first is Six Flags, Six Hours. Students simply log the name of the book and the time spent reading. Parents need to initial. These logs are due February 15th.
The other reading program is