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November 17, 2014

Weekly Digest

I am going to try to email only ONE time per week! I will collect everything I feel I need to share through a Smore Online Newsletter. . .

Skype with Paul Volponi Tuesday After School!

Please remind students who are into basketball, writing, or Nutmegs, that we are Skyping in the library from 3-4pm tomorrow with author Paul Volponi. Kids do not need to have read any books by this author to attend.
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Check out our new Website Evaluation Graphic

We train kids to use the 5 W's to evaluate information they find on the web. The most important being WHO? Feel free to print or ask me for a color print for you classroom!
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I can't track down the source of that pic, but this is the link.

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Zaption: Great blog post on how to work with this cool tool!

Embed questions in videos; collect responses in Google Drive!


How to Create a Zaption Tour
Episode #1: Kellie and Sara Take on the Recorders for Spanish