Talib's Artist Journey

Quarter 4 Artist Reflection

The Sponge Wheel

I have created this project because it was something that I felt like was creative, different, and spontaneous. This project didn't have the intial idea of spongebob's wheel to his house. I want people to see the fun in my project and see that it wasn’t planned, detailed, or elaborated. It was an off the thought process for both the first and for the ultimate product. I don’t think none of my previous projects really related to this project, simply because again for this I basically free thought it. This peice of work related with contempory art because it was something that is very popular in the media as we speak this day. It fits in with history of art practice because history of art practice studies why certain pieces are basically essential to the way media portray them. I think my piece does that exactly being as though everyone love Spongebob, and the everyone knows about it. This project doesn’t fit into old things that I did, because my objective behind it is way different than what my other projects were
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Done by Talib Coffield

Link is available Special Thanks to Mrs.Hert

2nd Quarter Project

I created this piece of work because I wanted to stay in the same field that I have been in before, but intensify it. I have been working with fashion in art class for two years now, and every time I create something I feel better and my confidence builds up more. This is why I created this piece of work. This is a semi pocket book, with dingles sewed to it on top of a clutch looking piece I made before I attached the dingles. When I first started to do this I wanted to do patchwork, however anyone in the fashion world knows what you think will happen most likely won’t happen. That is why I changed the vision of my project. I knew that I wanted this piece to be more than just a clutch, I wanted it to have detail. That is why I preferred patches, however that changed and I found dingles instead. Only difference is the art, the overall vision of creating a piece with extravagant detail remained the same. In my hard work and dedication, I hope that people can see that this wasn’t easy because it takes time. I want people that is seeing my art to know that it is not easy or perfect but it is definitely worth the experience. In my art you will flaws if you are an expertise at sewing, but it is a step from my last piece of work. Therefore, I am proud and I want people to see that it is a piece of work that I am proud of. So again, I hope that I got out the message I wanted: To create a piece with detail. This clutch/mini pocket book has 3 different tracks of dingle's attached to it covering the fabric. I made it like this to implement detail. My work is kind of similar to others. Take Balmain for instance. In some of Balmain custom designs he made for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, he adds pearls and diamonds to their suits and dresses. Through it all the project was a success, but the process always wasn’t easy. At first I wanted to do patchwork to capture an idea of detail. I seen patchwork, and I really liked it so I was excited to try it out. However, I wasn’t able to pull through with it. Therefore, I started to change the concept to something of a Hispanic culture.That is when I found these long fringes and I decided perfect! I started the new process, and that is when I couldn’t wait for it to start. I started to sew the bag and make it into a clutch shaped liked bag. Soon after that I started to sew on the fringe attachments. This took me at least 2 days to finish with everything. My influences were Bailman, and Kanye West. They do work like this, and it was good so I wanted to do it. This work is so important to do because now in my life fashion is a huge part to me. Finding new ways to rock something is always my approach. I was able to create something that made sense to my fashion sense. I hope that my work influence others to give a try to whatever they believe looks amazing, If you are into fashion, and you see a style you like give it a try yourself!
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3rd quarter project

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“ A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” - Paul Cezanne

When I first decided to make a tree I wanted this piece to feel like the beginning of spring when you saw it. The purpose of the creation was show a glimpse of spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons so this was really important to me. I wanted it to have an impact on the people that see it, and make them happy by just looking at it. I want my work to communicate with viewers the idea of peace and serenity. All of the art work I did really did not have purpose like this project did, so that is why this one meant the most and is my favorite. Many of projects that I did before did not require as much time, and accuracy as this project. My overall vision for my piece was for it to be refreshing, unique, and peaceful. I achieved a lot through this project I was able to break the chains and boundaries that kept me conservative as an artist. My previous work consisted of sewing, threading, and patching. This project took me a while to do because I had to use 3 new painting techniques that I had no idea of such as : Acrylic paint, watercolor, and pen. I think that everyone should venture out as an artist and do things out of their comfortability zone. This is what makes you an artist, not the quality of the work but the adventure. As an artist you must be able to adapt to new ways of art and learn techniques, and that is what I was able to do with project.

Growth As an Artist

My journey

In the years that I have had art as a class and elective, I have progressed very much. My progression is described by my comfortbility as an artist. When I first started art clases/electives I was very held back to do things. The normal coloring and painting was normal, however the other things I learned topped that. I first explored a lot with sewing in art class and this then became a passion. Art class allowed me to tap into that passion more while also learning new techniques, fabrics, and mechanics. When first learned the way, it was very nerve wrecking and difficult. As time went on and I got more practice, I than became fluent in this area. This example shows that as time went on with Art class I evolved. My journey was not an easy or comfortable one at first. Art class gave the space I needed to explore and that has what made my journey one of a kind.

My favorite project.

This was my favorite project because this was an abnormal project for me. I opened the doors and explored my abilities as an artist. This piece turned out to be really nice and fascinating.
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My weaknesses as an artist has not allowed me to stop my jorney. In the beginning I struggled with creativity, now I am very creativity when it comes to ideas and designing. This stopped me because I wasn't really able to express myself through this art. I'm glad that as time went on I was able to gain the creativity that I needed to become a better artist. Sewing was something that I was very strong and persistant with. This is what kind of set my creativity level low. I practiced on what I did know, instead of what I didn't know. Art this year has really opened my mind set up, and gave me the tools needed for the future

What kind of Art you want to make next or Art you are currently working on?

I would like to work on designing clothes next. This has always been my sole purpose for learning how to sew. I wanted to make my own clothes. This time now I simply just want to design and make certain clothes. The designer that I aspire Is Pish Posh. Her clothes are really nice, and the designs she puts on them are incredible. Her kind of work on fashion is truly inspiring. Moving forward my work will be similar to hers. She takes clothes already and does things such as distress, draw, or cut them up. My work will be what ever creative thought I have. I basically already started something like this. There are a few pieces of clothing that I have designed. This kind of art is unique and that is why I like it so much. I am excited about the future, because I think I will enjoy continuing to make this kind of work.