By: Michelle, Steven, Hailey, Natalie

What is a element?

A element is a substance that can not be broken down in to simpler substances by chemical means.

Chemical symbols

A chemical symbol is a code for a chemical element. It is usually comes from the name of the element, often in Latin. Ex ( calcium us Ca)

Elements that make up earth

Oftenly it's iron, oxygen, silicon, and magnesium that make up earths proportions.

Common elements to organisms

Mostly it's oxygen, carbon hydrogen and nitrogen

Oceans and atmospheres

Most elements found in the ocean is 85% oxygen, 10% hydrogen, 5% sodium, marglesium and sulfur.

Atmospheres are mostly nitrogen but it also includes oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

Elements and compounds

The difference you ask?

Well a element is a substance made of the same type of atoms. A compound is made when different elements in definite proportions.

How can you tell in photosynthesis, the differences from a element and a compound?

Well oxygen is a element and CO2 is a compound. You can tell because oxygen is just one element while CO2 is a multiple of two hence the 2 ex( h2o)

What is a chemical change and why forms one?

A chemical change is any change that results in the formation of new substances/ elements. A chemical change is formed when there is a chemical reaction which is caused by two or more molecules bonding.

Some signs to look out for a chemical change and what are the evidences

It could possibly change colors, odor, temperatures, formation of gas, and form of precipitation. It's simslar to the signs. Tempatures can change, gas could also be produced.

Physical change?

You can see the difference from before and after the change. It could lose heat and shape or add on heat. Over time the coke uses could get lose and lose its original form.