Who Was Paul Revere?!?

Iliana H.

Early life

Paul Revere was a very busy man in his early life.He worked hard as a silversmith with his dad.He also worked as a political cartoonist and a messenger.Revere carried messages to other colonies about the unfair treatment from the British.Paul Revere was vary diligence in his early life.


Paul Revere risked his life for us! He helped the patrits win the Revolutionary War. Mr.Revere warned patrits "The British are coming." There are historical museums and statues to honor his contributions.Paul's hard work helped form the United States.

Character traits

Paul Revere was an inspration to all Amiricans.He showed diligence by having about 4 diffrent jobs. Paul Revere valued liberty and freedom by helping form the United States.He was realy brave because even thow he chould have been capsherd he still road of in to the night! Paul Revere is the best Amirican hero!