Honda in the US

Honda in the US

Honda, Honda Technology Research Institute Company Limited, is one of the largest Japanese car, motorbike and truck manufacturers. After recent statistics, Honda is now the 5th biggest vehicle manufacturer in the world, honda odyssey ex-l

At the same time, Honda is the biggest, most important engine manufacturer worldwide. Honda today is among the most purchased brands in the States and they have come a good distance to become the most reliable carmaker in the globe.

Soichiro Honda founded Honda back in 1948 in Japan and it started with motorbike production. Since, after World War Two Japan was demanding tiny, inexpensive cars for its growing population, Honda's bikes were a massive success.

The company started to expand its motorbike range and it soon became one of most critical bike makers in the East. Whilst Honda's first car appeared in 1960, it wasn't until 1970 that Honda imported its first car model, the small N600, in the United States. Because post WWII America was disinclined to Eastern products, Honda found it a hard time capturing the Americans' trust with its cars.

In 1973 Honda has launched Civic in the US, maybe its most single best selling would have offered enough interior space and it offered a big fuel potency that it soon became an Yankee success. The world faced a fuel crisis in the early 1980's and Civic was the vehicle USA citizens required, as it was inexpensive, reliable and it offered good fuel consumption.

The 1973 Honda Civic be a surgeon. the 1st Honda automobile to catch to the Yankee public and it was then the company begun to witness bigger and bigger sales In America.

In 1976 Honda launched its medium sized vehicle, the deal in the States and because the economic situation worldwide was starting to enhance, it soon changed into a success. In the mid 1980s Honda was seen across the US as a car maker that was making awfully trustworthy and technologically sophisticated cars.