American Revaluation

By: Maxwell Guerrero

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Here at whats up newspaper we are going to tell you about the Boston tea party with very powerful exclusive interviews from loyalist and patriots. Also why we need the deceleration of independence to survive without war. Read the whole whats up newspaper to hear about it all

Paper Written By Maxwell Guerrrero

Interview By Gustavo Banks

Loyalist Interview about Boston Tea Party

Those rude patriots ruined 342 crates of are precious tea just because they don't like are fair rules of taxing tea there is nothing wrong with that we are just trying to make more money for the economy I wish all of those patriots were caught in the act but trust me we will find them and we will punish them the will get what they deserve I promise you you can run but you can't hide from us. Said John Bradshaw

Patriot Interview About Boston Tea Party

Those Loyalist got what they deserved if there going to tax tea there will be no more tea in England. Those 342 crates of tea lost at sea are just a sign of whats to come. They call us rude all they want but we didn't kill there friends and family in the Boston Massacre they are going to suffer from are wrath and they deserve it they will notice they made a big mistake messing with us. Said Time Howard Patriot

Why we need the deceleration of Independence

The Deceleration of independence is important to the patriots the most not so much the loyalist. The Deceleration of Independence is important because it helped the patriots escape the British and there rule like they have been wanting to for a long time. It also let them have there own rules not the kings. That is why the Deceleration of Independence is Important

What Is Taxation Q N A

P= Patriot L= Loyalist

Question what do you think of taxation

P= I think it is unfair that the King is taxing everything because he is mad at us

L= The king made the right decision but I don't like how much everything cost

Question While the tax change how much you buy a week

P= Yes it will make a big change I will not be able to buy as much food as I used to now

L= My shopping bill will change because the King made a decision to tax everything so I will not be buying so much

Question How long do you think taxation will go on for

P= It will go on until the King think that we have been punished enough and then he will cut tax on certain stuff

L= The King will keep taxation until all the tea that was ruined is paid off