Rhode Island Colony

By.Dane P Jukes


Do you know what a Colony was? Well,a Colony was a a Colony then the Colonies turned into a state. Rhode Island was discovered in 1636. William Blackstone was a well know English Settler. Rhode Island is a New England Colony. The Rhode Island Colony was founded by Roger Williams. Thanks to Roger he found one of the 50 states. And if he didn't find it,it would be odd with 49!

The beginning of the Rhode Island Colony

The Colony was founded by Roger Williams in 1636 and charted as a New England Colony. Do you know anything about the Rhode Island Colony? Well the Rhode Island Colony was founded by Roger Williams in 1636. Anne Hutchinson broke away from Massachusetts and founded RI with Roger. Did you Know Rhode Island had the first Babtist church! And first state to declare independence. But the Colony was the last to become a Colony. In 1770 Providence became the largest city. Historians believe Leif Erikson landed on the shores of Rhode Island.Finaly, those are some facts about the Rhode Island Colony!

People that helped the Colony

Do you know anyone else that helped the Colony other than Roger. William Blackstone was the first we'll know settler in Rhode Island. Roger Williams helped the Colony by finding it! And built the first Babtist church. But Roger didn't just find the Colony Anne Hutchinson was one of his followers and helped find it. Then 1636 Anne broke away from her followers and founded Newport the third Rhode Island town!

Rhode Island Colony facts

Here are some facts s about the Rhode Island Colony. In May 1776 RI became the first state to declare independence. Narragansett Indians where know to be one of the biggest tribes.And they owned slaves. It is charted as a New England Colony. Most farmes worked with their families and sometimes called Providence Plantations. Rhode Island has rocked soil and small farms. Then Roger built the first Babtist church. Lastly Rhode Island became a state May 29 1770!


Now, do youn know what the Rhode Island Colony is? If so I hoped you learned a lot about the Colony. In this paragraph I hoped you learned a lot about the Being of Rhode Island. This paragraph was about people from Rhode Island and people who helped. I hoped you learned a little more with the fun facts,"Facts about the Rhode Island Colony". I hoped you lpulled some good information of the Rhode Island Colony,in this non-fiction piece!


Colony: A area that is controlled by,or belongs to a country.
Independence: A freedom outside control or support the state of Independence.
Followers: People who support and guided by another person or group.
Plantations: A large area of land especially in a hot part of the world where crops such as cotton are grown.


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