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Direct Designers to Lynn Avara-Stover


Were you able to attend a local SOAR Event?

If not - please know that I will be holding another call to go over the changes - when? Tuesday night, February 9th - it's at 9:00 PM - EST. You can find it under the Events Tab on the Charming Stars Team FB page!

Not a member of the Charming Stars Team FB page? Let's get you added! Email me - this will be the easiest way. My email address is: Please know this Facebook page is secret - you won't be able to find it by searching for it. There's an old one that is no longer used - that's what will come up if you try to search.

Are you a Team Leader or Above?

I will be having a special FB group just for those of YOU that are at the Team Leader or above Career Title. Why would you want to be there? I'm going to be offering some great incentives! Stay tuned - this will be up in a day or so..........

How To Reach Me

I want you ALL to know that I am here for you. Whether you desire to build a business - or are here for a discount - I'm here for you. Please reach out with questions!