My Smore Flyer

By Skylar Stevenson 7 period

Physical Change

Physical change is a change that alters the form or appearance of material but does not change the material into another substance.

Ex: One state of matter to another like ice melting into a liquid,

molding clay or cutting up paper.

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Chemical Change

Chemical change is a change in matter that produces a substance with properties different from the original substance.

Ex: Rusting,burning ,compounds Brocken down.

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Physical property

Physical property describe an object (volume,harness,color,luster,density,solubility, Oder,taste,temperature at which solids melt and liquids boil).

Ex: The star fruit is slimy, green, sour.

Describing a melting crayon or a sliced orange.

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Chemical Property

Chemical property is observed when a substance ( ability to rust, burn, ability to tarnish). These are properties that can't be determined just by looking at or touching a substance.

Ex: A car rusting over time, paper turning into ash, and baking a cake.

A chemical change can produce a change such as the production of a gas,changes in temperature, productions of a precipitate,or color change and oder.

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