Ray Charles

by: jordyn


Ray Charles was born on September 23rd in Albany, Georgia. When was a baby he moved to Greenville Florida. That is really far right? When Ray was five his four year old brother drowned. It was very sad for Ray, but then two years later Ray began to loose sight. In Greenville Ray went to a school for deaf and blind people. That is when Ray Charles learned how to play the organ, the saxophone, the piano, the clarinet, and the trumpet. That's awesome for someone that is blind.

source: WWW.biograghy.com


When Ray was blind he learned how to play multiple instruments while being blind. He also learned how write music. For being blind he wrote beautiful music. Ray Charles used braille to read music.



When Ray Charles's brother died he didn't complain he helped his parents get over the death. Also when he lost his sight he didn't complain about being blind or being teased about how he was blind or being different from the other people, and that made people respect him.


Questions for Ray Charles

Q: What was it like after your brothers death?

A: It was hard without him, but I got through it.

Q: was it hard to learn how to play the instruments you play?

A: It was hard , but after a while it got easier.

Q: Did other people tease you because you were different?

A: Yes some people did tease me because I was different. But when I became a singer they stopped teasing me.