Cougar Connection

Issue 14 Volume 2

Week of December 14th

We've arrived to our last week for the semester! We are wrapping up 3 six weeks of instruction, lesson planning, implementing lessons, assessing, and professional developments. As you take some time for yourself these upcoming weeks take some time to reflect on your best practices and think about how far you have come from the 1st day of school! Please keep reading as we have a list of to-do's before you leave for break!

Things to Know and Do!

Week at a Glance

Week of December 14th

Remember "10 Days of Merry"

12/14-Monday- ACP's (revised specials schedule)

12/15-Tuesday-ACP's(revised specials schedule)

2:00- ARD- Ervin

3:15- ARD-Alonzo

12/16-Wednesday-ACP (revised specials schedule)

1:00- Principals' Meeting @ Hulcy Middle School


8:00 -ARD- Hardwick

11:00- ARD-White/Ramos


1:00-2:30 Winter Holiday Celebrations*

*Remember to clean up, remove holiday decorations, and so forth from your rooms. Instruction begins day one when students return!*