Snapping Hip Syndrome

By:Olivia Lommen

What is Snapping Hip Syndrome and how is it caused?

The title gives insight on how one feels a snapping in there hip and sometimes that snap is audible. When the hip is flexed and extended the moving of a muscles over the bony structure of the hip causes that snapping sound and feeling. When you stand up straight, the iliotibil band is behind the trochanter. When you bend your hip, however, the band moves over and in front of the trochanter.

Another site of snapping is where the ball at the top of the thigh bone fits into the socket in the pelvis to form the hip joint. When the ball is moved back and forth while the hip is bending and straightening causes this snap and discomfort.

How to Prevent This

-Most people do not act upon mild snapping hip syndrome and it is rather just an annoyance

-however athletes and dancers can experience high pain from this syndrome

Avoid by:

-Stretching before any activity this will allow your body to extended naturally instead of forcefully which will prevent snapping. Stretching also helps align the ball and socket joint to glide smoothly.


Mild pain:

-Stop physical excessive and ice the hip for 15-30 minutes

-Do not return to exercise until you have done hip strengthening hip exercises or pain has stopped.

Severe Pain:

-Stop physical activity seek a physical therapist

-Surgery may be beneficial for an extreme alignment issues in your hip joint.

Excersises to strengthen hip and prevent snapping