Scientific Method

Does Blue Gatorade Help Athletes Perform Better Than Red?

Testing the Scientific Method

1. Ask a question Does a certain color of Gatorade provide a better athletic experience?

2. Background Research

3. Construct a Hypothesis If given to athletes aged 20 all playing football with no major health issues, blue gatorade will provide a better focus and attention.

4. Test your Hypothesis For this experiment I would test 100 male football players aged 20. I would give half blue gatorade and half red. Each player would take a series of tests before and after drinking their substance. Each would have to drink 700 mL of their substance. Afterwards, they would switch to see the effect of the opposite color on their performance. I would analyse the results and set up a table like the one below to compare my results.

5. Analyse Data and Draw Conclusions From the hypothetical data shown below, one can see that the blue Gatorade does in fact create better focus and attention for male football players aged 20 when put to this series of tests.

6. Report Your Results Blue gatorade is better than red for the focus and attention of male football players aged 20.