Graphic Designer

Bailie Haney - 4th Period Science

What is the career exactly?

A graphic designer can design the cartoon or realistic fantasy characters in movies. They plan printed advertisements, such as billboards, newspapers, and magazines. They can create brochures, logos, and layouts. They are very creative, artistic people. They work with very complicated designing computer software. They work with writers and executives to discuss their plans and ideas, as well.

Educational Background?

You have to have a computer science background, since you need to know how to operate a computer correctly for this career. You need to have your associates or bachelors degree in Commercial and Advertising Art to work in this career. That means you have to attend college for two to four years. Some helpful high school courses are any type of art classes, multimedia design, and photography. You can have an associates degree from tech school, but bigger firms will hire people with a bachelors.
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How much money does a graphic designer make?

The national average for a graphic designer to make is about $36,930 per year. In different states it varies. You make more money the more experienced you are in the career. It works that way for any career you apply for.

Day in the life?

A day in the life of a graphic designer can be tough. Many work hard deadlines, or work overtime. You get to use intense artistic skills, you work on computer software, and meet with people to discuss ideas, plans, or things you came up with. Many graphic designers enjoy their job very much, but there are some downsides. They don't like working long, tiring hours, and some get bored working with computers. Many people go into free line designing, and there are few opportunities to work in this career