Indians of north america!

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the anasazi

the Anasazi were people who constructed dams, ditches, and made new ways to control water like to trap the rain from the top of mesa. they lived in the heart of civilization in chaco canyon. they also started to build road systems. the craftsman there made turquoise jewelry and they also made woven baskets. plus they heavily influenced art and architecture for late groups such as; Hopi and Zuni. but one amazing contribute is that they made multi-soried aparment-like structures.

the andena

Commonly know as the eastern woodlands peoples. They often lived in Ohio valley, and lived around 700 BC. They grew lots of food including squash, gourds, barley, and some flowers like sunflowers. Also they made quite expensive copper jewelry and fine pottery. plus constructed many elaborate burial mounds.

the Hopewell

the Hopewell often know as the eastern woodland people lived in Ohio around 300 BC. they built mounds including some that were over 30ft high and 100ft wide! when scientists found artifacts they suggested extensive trade network. also they Adena and Hopewell both are referred to mound builders.

the mississippians

these people arrived in the Mississippi valley around 800 BC. for food they ate many plants and maize and beans this increased their population. witch caused more need for land. so this lead to the increase in cities and population. in the center of the big city was a massive mound. plus surrounding this gigantic mound was 120 smaller mounds!